Please note me through deviantART or email me if you’re interested!

So, I said I’d be opening up commissions, so I am… finally.

Currently I’ll have 5 slots open, with the way my work schedule is I don’t get to do most of my art until the weekend, since I work all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Say you place a commission on Monday, I most likely won’t be able to even start until Thursday.

Sketches/lineart take usually 1-3 days, anything with color take about 3-5 days, this is give or take with workload and life situations. This is also with basic requests.

Marker works I will mail to you (I can probably cover shipping in the US, but I’ll have to charge extra for international.

Sketches/Black Lineart it’ll mail if requested, but you’ll have to cover shipping.

Digital works I’m send you a high quality file in whichever file type is convincing for you (most likely a JPEG or PNG)

Few rules:
+ For OCs please send me a good reference, if you don’t have a drawn reference, then please send the best text description you can and I will try my best to translate.
+ If you pick fanart, please also send the best reference of the character you can, it just make it easier on me.
+ I’m used to drawing people, but I don’t mind drawing non-human, mecha, furries or anything else. Just note that it will probably take me longer.
+ I also don’t mind drawing couples; slash or otherwise, just try to keep it out of the mature section (or at least tasteful enough.)
+ As for mature art, I don’t mind, but I’ll leave it up to my own discretion.

How prices work:
You don’t have to pay me until I’ve finished. All commissions must be paid for before I send the final product.

Prices are as stated, additional charges will be made for extra characters, work or backgrounds.

Simple background are anything more than a simple color overlay. Complex should speak for itself.

All payments are accepted with Paypal
I can probably work with mailed cash or postal checks, but I’d be worried about the mail not making it through.

If you have any other questions, please note/ask me.